First, thank you for stopping by! I’m Olivia, a professional photographer that specializes in natural light photography for newborns, babies, young children and families. I am based in the Boston Winchester. Here is my story.

My journey began in the south of China, but my ambition and perhaps a pinch of rebellion delivered me to Beijing, a sprawling city of twenty million fortune seekers, adventures and fellow migrants, as well as a millennia of history. In other words, an eastern take on turn of the century New York, with far worse architecture but much better food, and most importantly, limitless possibilities. I met my husband there as well, a kindred spirit inconveniently born and raised a world away in rural New Hampshire. His journey was even longer than mine, but happily with the same ultimate destination.

I am now a mother to two boys, and wife and partner to a wonderful gentleman and father. We ended up splitting the difference between southern China and New England, and settled in the Bay Area. Nevertheless, we continue to travel the country and this amazing world we live in at every opportunity. Along with travel, we share our passions of good food, unique and timeless music, and of course, the occasional family photo session.

Up until the birth of my first son, my primary interest in photography lay in the art of capturing natural scenery and locales as I moved through them, each of which can be fascinating and outside of time in their own way. After all, architecture and fashion may change with time, but Rome will always be Rome. However, motherhood introduced a new perspective. I began to focus on techniques for capturing those first moments in time that would never come again – a newborn’s first smile, a child’s innocent curiosity, a mother’s (and father’s) unconditional love. With some surprise, I found that I had both a passion and a talent for capturing those moments.

So, somewhat accidentally, I found that one of my passions had grown into a calling, which soon became Olivia Photography.

First and foremost, I understand that selecting a photographer is a very personal and important decision, and believe that your chosen photographer’s work should resonate with you on an emotional level. The industry is overflowing with talent, and we all bring something a little different to the table. But at the end of the day, I believe that you want to find someone whose work you not only love, but that you truly feel will “get” you and your family on an emotional level – someone who will truly see you, and help you experience yourselves in a profoundly different way. To me, the experience is in many ways as important as the finished product, and perhaps for that reason I’m fortunate to call many of my clients friends now because we had so much fun together!